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Simon Payne

Musician, Producer, Singer, Songwriter – Simon ‘Logic’ Payne is a ‘Music Man’ in every sense of the term. He is a modern artist with ‘Real Soul’ which he manages to apply to everything he touches. Simon’s journey began over 15 years ago, with what he calls his ‘back to front musical comprehension programme’.

After a childhood full of great music and dance influence and experience, the journey involved Simon starting at the technical end of the studio, creating, producing and engineering for musicians and singers.

He was overseeing projects and performing with countless Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop and Indie/Folk acts. This is where Simon fell in love with playing live instruments and although he creates on any thing that is to hand he decided to focus on electric guitar as his main tool.

Inevitably, all of this led to him writing and producing his own songs, and most recently, learning to use his god given instrument…. His voice.

Simon is a gigging musician and front-man with multiple bands and acts. His technical background allows him oversee and execute all areas of the music delivery process, from providing and running P.A. systems and mobile recording rigs to manufacturing and showcasing original acoustic and electronic music projects.

Whether in the studio or on the stage, he’s a huge talent that’s constantly developing every area of music creation and performance. He’s been described as a ‘blast from the past’ and a ‘vision for the future’ and after listening to his songs I’m sure you’ll agree.

So what are you waiting for?

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Jason Payne

I am a DJ, Producer and Songwriter and I represent Past Present Future music productions.

I first got the love for music from listening to Soca, Soul, R&B, Reggae & Jazz played by my parents and family gatherings at an early age. I immediately liked the sounds and rhythms and message so I started to save up my pocket money each week to buy records.

It was all about the 1980’s and the solid grooves for me. I had always wanted to be a DJ and I was fortunate to have access to a lot of vintage material. I witnessed the birth of a new culture from from around 1983 as Hip Hop spread across the world. I was learning about the elements – the art, the word, the music and break dancing. The exchange and fusion of different cultural ideas and the message of unity and expression influenced me greatly and soon enough my brother Jeremy and I bought a pair of ‘Sound Lab’ record decks and a mixer and started to practice.

We were learning how to mix, how to cut, scratch, flip and create new sounds on the “1s and 2s”. We then moved onto to the famous and more professional ‘SL 1210 Technics’ decks as around this time I had joined a local Sound System called Fusion Hi-Power.

This increased my knowledge of how to “rock a party”, the equipment used, ‘hitting the road’ and hosting at different events, dancehalls, clubs, carnivals, house parties/blues and formal family occasions etc.

All of this background led me to start to think about music production. The arrangement, beat making and playing of instruments. I am very influenced by the Masters of music from the past and present. We now have PPF studios (24-bit recording studio) which I run with my brother Simon and I also rock the 1 & 2’s with the Versatile Dj’s

My mission is to keep the Funk alive !

Dark Angel

Dark Angel profile

DOB 29/11/1981 – Sagittarius

Musical artist performer freestyler, songwriter occasional break-dancer/ body-popper whenever up for a bit of breaking. Rapping started for me in 1998 where I was on the scene with my com-padre Joker Starr performing around the uk and smashing radio shows inc Radio 1, Kiss 100 and Choice FM. Had a long break to raise a young family now back on the scene recently recorded my first album with PPF productions. Big up to JP and Logic who have produced and mastered the art. Now moving forward 2010 – 2011 the 2nd album is underway and the first album is due to be promoted – I can also confirm that as an artist I am always happy to rap and spit a freestyle for the love of it – as many will tell you i may just get up on the mic at a show and make it a better show because i love doing what i do.

Being gangster isn’t keeping it real, just keep it real – I’ve never been interested in ego’s or the hating that occurs when we desire too much for things we don’t have. Precious is the life we live in and this is no rehearsal so Dark Angel flows with the times and always has a relevant point to make.

Bless and live life to the fullest.

Dallas Ayres profile pic
Dallas Ayres is a Hampshire born singer and songwriter with over 20 years experience performing, recording and writing.

Dallas credits her love of Blues & Country music to her Mother who would always be singing around the house and playing her favourite records.

Once leaving school Dallas started in function bands and as part of a duo performing acoustic music on the London gig scene, which she says was a “truly magical time” where she fell in love with the sound of the acoustic guitar and how it enabled her to write songs.

As part of these bands her memorable moments were supporting James Taylor Quartet at Windsor Jazz Festival & the Jools Holland featured Dengue Fever for one night of their UK tour.

In the past few years Dallas has worked as a session singer & writer for various small indie labels releasing house tracks such as “If You Only Knew” with Citrus Sound, “True Say” with UK Fusion and more recently “Green Lights” with PPF Music.

Dallas has also enjoyed collaborations with Dark Angel and other upcoming UK Hip Hop Artists and is currently in the studio with PPF writing her EP “Dallas in Wonderland”.

For Dallas music is all about expression and she says “the beauty of music for me is that there is a song for every occasion, every emotion and sweeter than that there are songs that haven’t been written yet……”

DJ GeeCeeDJ Gee Cee found love for music and mixing at the tender age of 13 and launched himself into a party career four years later. Since then he has kept the crowds bouncing at a multitude of venues all over the country including London, Swindon, Reading, Bristol and recently also the sunny Portuguese shores of Algarve. He has contributed to events such as weddings, birthday parties, and various radio stations broadcasts.

Throughout the 22 years long romance with melody DJ Gee Cee has put a twist to many a tune from the 80s, Rare Groove, RnB through Hip Hop, Old Skool Garage, Soulful House to Deep house, Tech House, Jungle and the list goes on.
This romance has also bred offspring in the form of DJ Gee Cee’s own music productions. It is not just about the music but what you can do with it!

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