News update

– Wow what a year we’ve experienced. A major Pandemic which has affected us all. We must remain positive & keep the faith.

– Jason has just released ‘The Hard Way’ video directed by Designed by Robots. Also available to download now is JP’s ‘Inside Out & My Life’ singles.

– Simon is crafting new album and this will be carefully delivered in 2021.

– PPF Music Clothing is available with new lines so check them out.

– Next year will see us performing at gigs and making more music. Thanks for your continued support !

New Releases

 The Hard Way (feat JP) – My Life (feat JP) – Inside Out (feat JP) – Dreams & Reality (feat. Simon) – Heartbeat (feat. Cajj DeArtist)- Green Lights (feat.Dallas Ayres)- She Gets Me (feat. Cajj)- Changed my Life (feat. Cajj) 

See all videos here


About Us

Our Origins Foundations were set from a humble bedroom studio set up to a full studio with recording booth set up in the garage of our family home. Now we have access to record anywhere in the country. We were producing music with local artists, and we have both performed at many events & festivals and also we have played in bands (vocals, guitar & keyboards).  Our Purpose In essence we are here to make songs to inspire for you to enjoy. We’re very grateful to work in collaboration with fellow artists and appreciate the relationship we have with fans and our role to society. We are passionate & imaginative and love what we do and we are here to make an impact on you.

Simon Payne’s brilliant soul-filled album is available for you to …

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